Restoring  Sephardic Anusim Identity

American Anusim

Write your Story

Finally, write your story.  Write how you first heard of the Anusim and of when you began to think that you were part of the Anusim.  Buy a binder and fill it with all the names, stories, photos, and family legends you have collected.

Do you have physical evidence?

Do you have physical evidence your relatives were Crypto Jews?  Prayer books, old letters, diaries, jewelry, photographs, or cemetery records?  If so, scan or photograph them before they are lost or destroyed.

Cemetery tombstones can also yield a great amount of information about your ancestry.  Do any of your relatives have a Star of David on them?  Sometimes they are hidden inside of other designs.

Tips on interviewing older relatives

Interviewing the eldest members of your family is the best place to to start.  Record the memories of your parents, grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and distant cousins as you start exploring.  Ask them about specific individuals and gather details surrounding their lives including places they lived, nicknames, vital information (including birth, marriage, and death dates), and other information that can help you.

This information can give you important clues about where your family came from.  It’s important to verify the information and family stories they are giving you as well.

It is a miracle that we still have the descendants of the Inquisitions in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba and most Latin American nations including the Southwestern States of the United States of America.

Your immediate family often holds the keys to starting your family history research. Below is a free sample questionnaire to get started with your family history.  (Click here to download)


If you are of Spanish or Portuguese decent and believe that your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents practiced Judaism in secret, it’s important that you save your heritage before it is gone.  Below you will find some useful tips on preserving your family’s story.