Restoring  Sephardic Anusim Identity

American Anusim

This DVD reveals how God is exposing ancient secrets and mysteries. It shows how there is a direct connection between Sephardic Anusim and the Negev of Israel. Dr. Sanchez integrates bible and secular history with current and prophetic events which are linked to Hispanic Anusim’s destiny. Dr. Sanchez provides a synthesis of Sephardim’s 3,000 year history. What’s Your Destiny-The mystery of your true identity – 3 parts 
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Invisible People: Obadiah’s Immigrants - 4 parts DVD

Feasts for Sephardic Anusim DVD -1 Part

What’s Your Destiny - The mystery of your true identity – 3 parts DVD

Dr. Sanchez brings to life the ancient prophecies which have been awaiting their fulfillment for over 3000 years. He unveils key prophecies that have been tucked away deep within prose and poetic terms which host ancient secrets that actually pertain to the future role of Hispanic Sephardim in the land of their inheritance, the Negev.  
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Negev Story – 2 part DVD

Dr. Sanchez declares this is a radical and controversial yet essential subject. He articulates how Edom is Esau’s ‘last name.’ He declares that today’s radical Moslems are showing signs of their ancient brother Esau or Edom. Esau despised his father’s requests and partnered with his uncle Ishmael. For thousands of years Edom (today’s radical Islam) have kept a vicious grudge against his brother Jacob and today’s Jewish people. The prophet pin-points what God plans to do to Edom and where Sephardic Anusim fits in this constellation of end-time events. Edom Doomed – 1 part 
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This DVD demonstrates the utter importance of the Negev which is the land Sephardim is to possess and occupy. It demonstrates how this land of the ancient patriarchs will become the land of spiritual pioneers and leaders among Hispanic Anusim. This teaching points out the positive historical events as well as some sad and undesirable situations that took place in the Negev’s biblical history. Negev Story 2 Part DVD - 
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Edom Doomed - 1 part DVD

The secret story of Hispanic Sephardic Anusim -- With the aide of slides of maps, picutures and illustrations, Dr. Sanchez leads the viewer on a 3000 year journey from King David to Sepharad which is modern day Spain. He reveals how the Sephardim they prospered and later were severely persecuted, tortured, burned at the stake and expelled from Spain. From there many of them fled to Mexico and from there into the Southwest of the USA. He demonstrates how the Spanish Inquisition was exported to Mexico with tentacles all the way into the Southwest of the USA.  He shares a treasure of knowledge as well as hidden Jewish objects, sayings, secrets, surnames, DNA and much, much more.
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Shabbat (Sabbath) for Sephardic Anusim DVD - 1 part

Dr. Sanchez points out how Sephardic Anusim were forced to convert from a Jewish lifestyle to Roman Catholicism during the Spanish, the Portuguese and later by the Mexican Inquisitions (and other Latin American Inquisitions as well). After their forced conversion, they were forced to eat pork and were called Marrano which means swine or pig. This DVD demonstrates how these Sephardic “Marranos” were so dehumanized by the Inquisitions that it left deep wounds embedded within their psyche. However, evidence is also presented on the manner in which these lost and forgotten Jews are coming out of oblivion and finding new hope and destiny. Marranos are People – 1 part
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Dr. Sanchez confronts pagan practices such as Easter, the Christmas Santa Claus and other erroneous theologies. He records how today’s Christian churches are not properly teaching vital principles in the Pentateuch known as the Torah. He attacks misconceptions and misrepresentations of Torah. He demonstrates not only how vital but also how noble and beautiful true Torah was in ancient times as well as today. He clarifies key words and terms so as to obtain a proper perspective of Torah. Torah for Sephardic Anusim – 1 part - 
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Dr. Sanchez deals with critical issues that are presently affecting Anusim in terms of their role with the Christian Church and how many are streaming out of mainline churches due to irrelevance. He touches on the sensitive subject of modern day prophets that have, allegedly, heard from God regarding Jews and Israel and yet avoid delivering these messages due to their perceived political incorrectness. Emphasis is placed on how Anusim needs to begin taking control of their own destiny rather than to allow others to do so for them. Dr. Sanchez challenges Christian Churches and organizations that are involved in helping Russian Jews make aliyah to wake up to the reality that there are Hispanic Sephardic Jews in their own backyards crying out for a little compatible help. Sephardic Anusim Wants to Know – 1 part 
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Dr. Sanchez stresses how the Bible relates to the “appointed times” or the “feasts of the Lord” which are specific celebrations God expects His children to attend. Emphasis is placed on the fact that these feasts are to be more of a custom rather than an obligation. The three major feasts are explained which are Passover (Pesaj), Harvest (Shavuot), and Tabernacles (Sukkot). These feasts are intended to be an eternal ordinance. Feasts for Sephardic Anusim – 1 part - 
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Sephardic Anusim Wants to Know - 1 part DVD​

Beware of Replacement Theology -1 part DVD

Dr. Sanchez describes how Hispanic Sephardic Anusim became expert secret keepers since the days of the Spanish and Mexican Inquisitions. He reveals how Hispanic Anusim kept a dual lifestyle, one private and secretive while on the other hand they also have a public and outwardly Catholic or Christian lifestyle. A verse by verse study is done of Obadiah leading to God’s wrath against Edom (modern day radical Islam) and the reconciliation and restoration of all Jewish people in Israel and around the world. Invisible People: Obadiah’s Immigrants – 4 parts 
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Marranos are People - 1 part DVD

Curse of the Inquisition: Not Cursed but Blessed! - 1 part DVD

The Last Exodus DVD set of 4 parts

Sephardic Prophecies DVD set of 3 parts

Dr. Sanchez answers the tough questions regarding to or not to celebrate Shabbat. The Sabbath or Shabbat is at the heart of Jewish people. He emphasizes how God blessed the seventh day. It is the central point of reconnecting or disconnecting with the Jewish faith. It was instituted at the creation of the world. He stresses how God created this law of Shabbat in order to restore His children in terms of true restfulness and turning our burdens over to God and entering the new week with new vision and zeal. Shabbat (Sabbath) for Sephardic Anusim - 1 part 
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Dr. Sanchez exposes the “curse of the Inquisition” which was established as early as the 14th and 15th Centuries in Spain and spread like a wild fire all across Iberia and other parts of Europe and later jumped across the Atlantic into Mexico and Latin American. Dr. Sanchez strongly contends that this curse must be acknowledged and dealt with in a profound spiritual way. He identifies specific behaviors among many Sephardic Hispanics that have been adversely affected by this curse and also declares methods to cancel this curse in our lives. Curse of the Inquisition: Not Cursed but Blessed!  1 part

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Obadiah’s Vision DVD set of 2 parts

This is an urgent message for today, for Sephardic Anusim and the Christian Church. The assumption here is that God has replaced the literal Israel with the spiritual church of today. Replacement Theology attempts to replace Israel on a spiritual as well as a literal and practical level. Dr. Sanchez stresses how many Christian organizations are more supportive of Moslem groups than Israel and Jews. Beware of Replacement Theology - 1 part

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Dr. Sanchez focuses on the prophetic role of Hispanic Sephardic Anusim within the Prophet Obadiah’s vision. He emphasizes how Anusim’s specific anointing and presence in their prophetic homeland of the Negev will become God’s legitimate trigger for certain end-time purposes to begin. He also focuses on the role Anusim will play in collaborating with the coming of Messiah.   
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Torah for Sephardic Anusim DVD- 1 part