Restoring  Sephardic Anusim Identity

Cypto Jews/Anusim - Their Flight and Fight - Booklet IV​

This booklet describes the meaning of terms such as Crypto Jews, Anusim and other terms that relate to Hispanic/Latinos with a Jewish ancestry. The booklet provides an excellent survey of the history on how Crypto Jews are, in fact, Jews and have endured sufferings and persecutions since ancient days. The booklet traces their history from Israel to Spain.  48 pages - 4.5” x 6” – paperback

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Anusim Survival Handbook – Volume II –

Requirements for Aliyah Application

In Search of Rabbi – Volume I –

A People without a Shepherd

This booklet describes how the descendants of the secret Jews of Spain (Crypto Jews or Sephardic Anusim) have endured centuries of uninvited conversions. It tells the story of how today’s Anusim are in a massive struggle to identify how the ‘Christian Jesus’ (Yeshua) fits into their faith and beliefs. It talks about the manner in which Yeshua is totally and unequivocally for Torah and the Prophets. 85 pages – 4.5” x 6” – paperback

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This booklet focuses specifically on the essential steps and conditions for candidates to apply for citizenship in Israel (making Aliyah). It provides the standard requirements for making Aliyah which have been in place for many years. 40 pages – 4.5” x 6” –paperback $7.95 plus $6.00 shipping/handling

This booklet uses the acrostic of the term, “ALIYAH,” in order to describe the process leading to immigrating (making Aliyah) to Israel. It presents knowledge of what’s taking place around the world, primarily in the USA and provides indispensable precautions for those wishing to, someday, make Aliyah. 70 pages – 4.5” x 6” – paperback

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Anusim Survival Handbook – Volume I -

Vital Steps to Aliyah

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