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In Hebrew, the term, "Anusim," means 'forced or coerced ones.' This  term is frequently used in reference to  Spanish and Portuguese Jews who were forced by the Inquisitions to convert from a Jewish faith and lifestyle to Roman Catholicism. Shortly after their arrival in the New World, Inquisitions were established in Mexico and Latin America focusing primarily on assuring these "New Converts" did not relapse into any form of Judaism or a Jewish lifestyle. Those who secretly retained their Jewish identity are often referred to as Crypto-Jews.

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Our Long-Term Goal is to build a community in the Negev for American Anusim that’s compatible to their culture and lifestyle.

Locally, nationally, and internationally, American Anusim's mission is to restore Sephardic Anusim to its true history and to collaborate in fulfilling ancient prophecies regarding their Negev homeland.

To “make Aliyah” is the most exciting and fulfilling thing in a Jew’s life because it’s an ancient prophecy pronounced over and over again in the bible. The term “Aliyah” means to literally ‘ascend and return to Zion,’ meaning to Israel.